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Dr. med. Karl D. Pötzsch

Abitur at the “Alten Gymnasium” in Oldenburg, Germany.

Studied medicine at the “Freie Universität Berlin”, Germany, approval as a doctor from the Berlin City Senate.

Training as an ophthalmologist:

as scientific assistant to the eye department of the Free University of Berlin (head: Prof. J. Wollensak) and assistant in the eye department at the Bundeswehr Hospital Ulm (head: Prof. E. Schütte), each with student training.

Doctorate in Dr. of medicine at the University of Aachen, Germany, with the topic: “peripheral retinal changes”.

Senior physician and deputy head of the clinic at the Bundeswehr Hospital Ulm, Germany, with students and assistant doctor training.

From October 1986 to 2004 head of the ophthalmological attending physician department of the St. Elisabeth Hospital in Dillingen, Germany, with his own practice. Here training of assistants.

Own day clinic since 1990.

Since 2005 own practice and clinic in the International Medical Centre Porto Pi, C. / Porto Pi 8-1 in 07015 Palma de Mallorca.

Regular active and passive congress participation and training

In addition:

Diego Richards

1999 Obtained the medical diploma at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

2001 licensed in medicine by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport in Spain

2003 International Council for Ophthalmology – Strangeways – Cambridge, England

2003 Superior course for specialists in ophthalmology from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

2004 employment as doctor of ophthalmology in the German Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2007 University Career / Adscript University Professor – University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

2008 Recognition as a specialist in ophthalmology by the Ministry of Education and Science, Madrid, Spain

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