Welcome to the
Eye Clinic and Ophthalmology Practice
in the Centro Médico Porto Pi
Head Ophthalmologist: Dr. med. K.D. Pötzsch

Seriousness, competence, care and the most modern treatment methods

We have been specialists in eye diagnostics and outpatient eye surgery for over 25 years.

We offer you many years of experience, seriousness and competence, combined with the latest technology.

In our ophthalmology practice and clinic in Palma we offer you almost all ophthalmological treatments and operations. These range from the early detection of eye disorders, emergency treatment, glasses determination, contact lens fitting, preventive examinations (e.g. glaucoma) as well as special consultation hours about laser eye surgery and eye lens surgery, e.g. implantable lenses to replace glasses (vision without glasses).

With over 20,000 self-performed intraocular operations and several thousand laser surgery on the eye, the head of our clinic, Dr. med. K.D. Pötzsch a so-called “high volume surgeon”. His experience is also reflected in the multifocal lens implantations he has performed since 1991, making him one of the world’s most experienced surgeons in this field.

D. Richards, the senior physician of the clinic and practice, also a “high volume surgeon” brings the most modern standards into the treatment spectrum with his knowledge.

Our work as ophthalmologists in Palma is characterised by modern diagnostics and high-quality surgical treatment methods.

We invite you to arrange your personal consultation.

When you come to us, please bring your time, not for the waiting area, but for the time that we would like to take for you. Get to know your ophthalmologist or surgeon personally to build confidence and trust.

Feel free to contact us by phone, e-mail or online to arrange an appointment.

The health of your eyes is our vocation, our inspiration and our passion!

Our clinical premises

How to find us

Centro Médico Porto Pi

Porto Pi 8, 1a

E-07015 Palma de Mallorca

Ph.: (+34) 971 70 70 55

Fax.: (+34) 971 70 70 56

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